Natural Gas Initiative

Natural Gas Initiative promotes the use of natural gas as an alternative fuel in Texas

Railroad Commission Chairman David Porter’s Texas Natural Gas Initiative works to promote the use of natural gas an alternative fuel in Texas and in doing so, help expand domestic markets for natural gas. Commissioner Porter began the Initiative in October 2013 and coordinates events across the state for fleet managers, operators, infrastructure developers and regulators – including the first-ever Texas Natural Gas Summit and Career Fair.

The number of natural gas refueling stations in Texas is up  88 percent since launching his Initiative, as well as sales of natural gas as a transportation fuel, by double. Natural gas use for exploration and production activities has climbed significantly as well.  Fifteen percent of drilling engines in the U.S. now use natural gas fuel.  Initial projects have been operational successes, with no negative effects on operations or safety.

As a continuation of his efforts, Chairman Porter will host a series of stakeholder workshops in Austin, Fort Worth and Houston in 2015.

Last Updated: 4/19/2016 1:17:33 PM