Railroad Commissioner David Porter Hosts Town Hall Meeting


AUSTIN- Texas Railroad Commissioner David Porter listened to residents’ concerns over recent seismic activity in the area at a packed town hall meeting yesterday in Azle, Texas.

“Although I was troubled to hear what these residents have been and are experiencing, I believe it is important to listen to their accounts first-hand to better understand their concerns. My goal was to reassure residents that their concerns are not falling on deaf ears and that the Railroad Commission is engaged and involved in gathering more evidence and data. We had over 800 folks come out, and in order to hear from as many people as possible, we were unable to take individual questions or give detailed answers to everyone present.

“As Railroad Commissioner, I am tasked with protecting the health and safety of Texans, while promoting the energy production that is vital for our state and for the nation. I am determined to protect the safety of my constituents and I look forward to sharing the comments and concerns I received with my fellow Commissioners as we continue to study any possible causation between oil and gas activities and seismic events. The Commission must base its’ rules and regulations on sound science and proven facts, not speculation and theories, and that is exactly what I intend to do.”

In addition to taking the resident’s comments into serious consideration, Commissioner Porter has been in communication with the state geologist in regards to a potential study by the Bureau of Economic Geology.  Railroad Commission staff is also participating in a work group formed by the Environmental Protection Agency, which includes representatives from the United States Geological Survey and other state regulatory agencies. Additionally, Commission staff has inspected every disposal well in the impacted area for any violations, none of which have been detected. The Railroad Commission will continue to diligently enforce its current rules and regulations regarding disposal and injection wells.


David J. Porter was elected to the Texas Railroad Commission on November 2, 2010. A Certified Public Accountant and successful small business owner, Commissioner Porter has worked with oil and gas producers for nearly three decades providing strategic financial advice and tax counsel. He has a long record of pro-business, free market, conservative credentials.