Statement by Texas Railroad Commissioner David Porter on Sunset Advisory Panel Recommendations


Austin, TX –– Today, the Sunset Advisory Commission met to discuss proposed changes to the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC). While this is just the second step in a very lengthy legislative process, some of the recommendations are drastic, namely the complete restructuring of the RRC from the top down.

The current structure of three commissioners provides a reliable system of checks and balances in the regulation of the State’s most important industry. This structure allows for diverse opinions when making important decisions that affect all Texans. It also prevents politicalization of the day-to-day operations of the agency.

The actual result of today’s recommendation would be to vacate the votes of millions of Texans cast over the last three election cycles. I was recently elected to this office with nearly 60% of the vote- votes that should count- and intend to serve the people of Texas in the job they elected me to do.