Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

Coming Soon!

The EDMS search screen will soon receive a new look. You will still use the EDMS search screen to view images of Form H-1, H-1A and W-14 applications and correspondence for injection or disposal wells. You will also continue to use EDMS to search for older images of Form H-5 Disposal/Injection Well Pressure Test Reports (i.e., Mechanical Integrity Tests.)

What will change is how you access Drilling Permit applications and images for Potential Well Files for District 05. If you currently access these from the EDMS system, you will access them instead from the Online Research Queries screen. This function is available now if you wish to use it. Potential Well Files for districts other than District 05 are also currently available from this screen. Launch Online Research Queries and look for Drilling Permits (W-1) Query or Oil and Gas Imaged Records Menu.

If you have questions, email UIC@rrc.texas.gov.

Click here to visit EDMS application.

In EDMS you may access:

Drilling Permit Application (Form W-1)

Search for W-1 permit applications (Application to Drill, Deepen, Plug Back, or Reenter) that have been filed with the RRC.

Potential Well Files

Electronic images of well completion filings from 1981 to current are available for view in District 05 Potential Well Files. You may search for Plats, W-1 and G-1 permitting applications, P-4 operator filings, correspondence and other well file related documents. Older District 05 documents (prior to 1981) are also available at the RRC on roll microfilm. To facilitate ordering information from documents older than 1981 contained on microfilm, film roll reference numbers may be found on Prior Film reference document images.

Mechanical Integrity Tests

Disposal/Injection Well Pressure Test Reports for all Districts beginning with the year 1993 are available as electronic images. In addition to pressure tests, radioactive tracer surveys and differential temperature survey charts are available. Only 1993 documents are currently available, with subsequent years to follow.

Injection/Disposal Permits

H-1 and H-1A Injection/Disposal permit applications filed with the RRC beginning September 2000 are available as electronic images. Final status of permit applications will also be available in the form of an approved permit, administrative denial, withdrawn or returned applications.

Last Updated: 7/31/2017 9:38:05 AM