Austin Texas Natural Gas Workshop - March 26, 2015

Workshop Agenda


  • Western Dairy CNG Experience:  Even with lower fuel prices, Western Dairy expects to save $0.65/ gallon in 2015
  • Central Freight Lines: The price of natural gas is predictable, compared to diesel.  This allows us to make longterm commitments for delivery
  • Freedom CNG:  For every $1.00 increase in natural gas, the price at the pump only goes up about  $.13/gge…and the money stays in Texas
  • Applied LNG:  In addition to E&P operations, LNG is also opening markets with mobile asphalt plants, and lowering emissions from burning low-grade petroleum products
  • Apache: Outlook for field gas-to-electrical power is becoming “brighter”. Offers the potential for stable end-of-transmission-line grid electric supply
  • Nabors: Frac spreads and trucking fleets are driving the conversion to natural gas due to better economics. Drilling rigs will benefit as a result due to an improved supply chain
  • TRF Energy: Diesel cost delivered to the location is the biggest driver on whether we can offer a natural gas alternative

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