2.1. Dispenser Operations - Continuing Education Only - Austin (DOWNTOWN)

  • 8:00 a.m., Tuesday, May 16, 2017

RRC Austin Headquarters, William B. Travis Bldg., 1701 N. Congress Ave., Room 1-100, Austin, TX 78701

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2.1. Dispenser Operations 

This 8-hour course covers proper filling and handling of ASME motor/mobile fuel containers, appurtenances, DOT cylinders, and dispenser operations. Module 2.1 includes an advanced field training (AFT) checklist of activities the student must perform under the supervision of the licensee's authorized Category E, F, G, I or J management-level certificate holder or operations supervisor. 

This course is intended for current certification holders looking to complete continuing education credit. Section 9.52 of the LP-Gas Safety Rules lists each course given and the certification level for which continuing education credit is given. 

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