Texas Energy Reliability Council

The Texas Energy Reliability Council (TERC) was first formed in the early 1970’s when gas shortages in Austin and San Antonio were approaching shut downs of high priority residential customers. The Railroad Commission of Texas was considering enacting its statutory authority to apportion gas supplies in an effort to avoid high priority curtailments.  Rather than go through this difficult process of determining how to apportion supplies, the heads of Texas’ intrastate pipelines (who owned the supplies in their pipelines at that time) asked that the Railroad Commission of Texas allow them to voluntarily allocate their supplies to those that needed the gas to keep serving high priority customers. Since that time the members of the council have made a commitment to do their best by working with other members to avoid interruption of high priority gas deliveries. The organization has no employees, no budget, no staff and no mandate other than to foster communication among its members to help assure that high priority gas needs are met. In addition to gas industry members the council includes representatives from electric utilities, Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and Public Utility Commission (PUC).


Last Updated: 5/22/2018 4:13:18 PM