Enforcement Actions - Master Agreed Orders 2016

The individual dockets in each Master Agreed Order are posted with the Secretary of State, and can be found under the “Agreed Enforcement Orders” portion of the Secretary of State’s Agenda. The links below are dates of past Commission conferences, and the link will take you to the Enforcement Master Agreed Order signed by the Commission at that particular conference.

The Orders are provided in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF Format). To view the file you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may download the Adobe Reader for free from www.adobe.com.

Enforcement Master Agreed Orders
 August 9, 2016
 August 24, 2016 
 September 12, 2016
 September 27, 2016 
 October 11, 2016
 October 25, 2016 
 November 15, 2016 
 December 6, 2016 
 December 13, 2016 CANCELLED
July 26, 2016  CANCELLED

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