Draft Rules for Informal Comment

The RRC occasionally offers draft rules for informal comment. These rule drafts are working drafts that have not been finalized and have not been submitted to the Texas Register for publication for public comment.

Not all rules go through an informal comment period; therefore, only the Commission divisions which have rules out for informal comment are listed below.

Title & Contact PersonDeadline for Informal Comments

Updated 11/1/2016:

Draft proposed changes to Chapter 1, relating to Practice and Procedure, including reorganization of subchapters, updates to Commission procedures, correction of division names and other nonsubstantive changes.

Email comments to Rules Coordinator at rulescoordinator@rrc.texas.gov

Additional information dated 11/15/2016:

Draft of amendments in comparison to current text of Chapter 1


 Friday, January 6, 2017 (5:00 p.m.)



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