Groundwater Advisory Unit (GAU) Saltwater Disposal Well Letter

To request a Groundwater Advisory Unit (GAU) Saltwater Disposal Well Letter, submit a copy of the following documents:

  1. Completed Form W-14, Application to Dispose of Oil ad Gas Waste by Injection Into a Formation not Productive of Oil and Gas. (Instructions for Form W-14);
  2. Scaled map showing the well location and surrounding survey lines;
  3. Current Groundwater Protection Determination (Form GW-2) for the well. If you do not have Groundwater Protection Determination or it is older than five years, you must get a current Form GW-2 by following the process outlined on the GAU Home Page; and
  4. Electric log(s) that includes the log header and the interval from the land surface through the injection zone: for the existing well, or for a nearby analgous well, if you are drilling a new well.
A fee is not required for the Saltwater Disposal Well Letter. However, a fee is required to get a current Groundwater Protection Determination (Form GW-2), which may be part of the application.

If you do not have a Groundwater Protection Determination for surface casing, submit the required documents as an attachment to the RRC Online System Groundwater Application.

If you do have a Groundwater Protection Determination, submit the required documents to the Railroad Commission of Texas via email to, US Mail, or an overnight express service.

Once all required information is received and determined to be administratively complete, the estimated processing time for a Saltwater Disposal letter is ten (10) business days.  If a Groundwater Protection Determination application is submitted with a SWD letter application, both letters will normally be issued together within ten (10) business days.


  1. Effective February 1, 2016, an application fee of $100 is required for a Groundwater Protection Determination. The application fee is also subject to a 150 percent ($150) surcharge required by Statewide Rule 78(n). Therefore a total of $250 must be remitted to the Railroad Commission of Texas with each Form GW-1, Groundwater Protection Determination Request Form. For additional information, reference the Notice to Operators: Groundwater Protection Determination Application Fee and Surcharge. Additional fees apply to expedite the application.
  2. Expedited processing is not available for Saltwater Disposal determination letter requests.
  3. A scaled map showing the well location and surrounding survey lines can be created and printed using the Railroad Commission of Texas’ Public GIS Viewer. This viewer will allow you to locate and retrieve details for an existing well and determine the coordinates for a proposed well.

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