San Antonio Office Closed

The San Antonio Office of the Railroad Commission of Texas is currently closed. Please monitor the agency website and social media for updated information on the office closure and reopening.

Scheduling of Mechanical Integrity Tests

1.  Quarterly test schedules.
  • At the beginning of each calendar quarter, a computer program searches the RRC data system for wells that are due for a mechanical integrity test.
  • computer-generated testing schedule is then sent to the operator of each of these wells. 

    NOTE: Any successful pressure test effectively "resets the clock."
2.  Types of tests scheduled.
  • Initial pressure tests on wells with new or newly amended permits.
  • Five-year pressure tests.
  • Annual pressure tests required by permit.
3.  Time allowed to perform tests.
  • Initial test - 3 months.
  • Five-year test - months.
  • Annual test - months.

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