RRC Holiday Closure

In observance of the Memorial Day holiday, the Railroad Commission of Texas will be closed on Monday, May 29. The agency will reopen for business on Tuesday, May 30.

Other Publications

Publications Available

Annual Report of the Oil and Gas Division - This subscription ncludes oil and gas production by field, arranged by district, then alphabetically by field name. It lists county, discovery date, depth, API gravity (oil) producing wells, and total wells for all fields as well as cumulative crude oil or gas production. It also has summarized annual statistical information contained in the monthly reports listed above.  Three-hole punch shrink wrap edition in two volumes - volumes not sold separately.

2014 Edition
$20.00 each set

2012 Edition

$ 23.00 each set

Statewide Rules for Oil, Gas and Geothermal Operations October 2010 - This Provides Railroad Commission rules and regulations for oil and gas operations in the state--revised periodically.  Note: The current RRC rules are available on the RRC web site. SOLD OUT
$ 12.00 each
Discussions of Law, Practice, and Procedure for April 1991 - This outlines the law and Commission procedure for cases involving field rules, new field designation, consolidation and separation of fields, assignment of wells to existing field, productive acreage, Rule 37 and 38 exceptions, forced pooling, unitization, underground injection control, and ratable take. SOLD OUT
$ 9.00 each
Filing Procedures Manual for January 2014 - This describes the most-used Oil and Gas Division forms and how they should be filled out. It also describes the procedures and data used to determine and assign gas production allowables. It is the same manual used by participants in the Commission's Seminars.  Note:  Oil and Gas Division forms and filing procedures are available on the RRC web site. SOLD OUT
$ 27.00 each
Well Completion and Plugging Manual for June 2005  - This manual gives text of Commission Rules 13 and 14 and shows appropriate forms and sample Commission letters.
$ 14.00 each
Texas Oil and Gas Conservation Laws March 2004 - This lists and describes state laws under which the Commission regulates oil and gas production in Texas.
$ 11.00 each
Statewide Rule 36-Hydrogen Sulfide Safety for March 2004 - This reviews the hazards of H2S, its characteristics, necessary safety precautions, and the requirements of Statewide Rule 36 relative to drilling, production and transportation of H2S.
$ 11.00 each

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