Capitol Complex Construction

If you are planning to visit the Railroad Commission’s Austin offices in the William B. Travis state office building, please be aware of changes to traffic patterns and the availability of metered parking in the area due to the Capitol Complex Construction project.  Click here for additional information.

Pump-Jack Gear-Box Lube Oil

Problem: A small independent operator felt that the cost of replacing lube oil in pump-jack gear boxes, including maintenance and waste lube oil management, was excessive. The operator investigated opportunities to reduce these costs and the management of the waste lube oil.

Solution: The operator found a very simple solution. A service company was contracted to regenerate the gear box lube oil. The service company filters and treats (purifies) the lube oil on-site. The reclaimed lube oil is returned to the gear box for reuse. The cost is about $35 to $40 per pump jack.

Benefits: The operator’s use of this service eliminated the generation and management of waste lube oil and the associated maintenance requirements. The change in procedure was cost effective. New replacement lube oil costs about $175 per pump jack; therefore a savings of about $135 per pump jack is realized. Additional savings were realized because of reduced waste management and maintenance costs.

Last Updated: 4/8/2016 9:45:33 AM