Christi Craddick Elected Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission


AUSTIN – Commissioner Christi Craddick was unanimously elected Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission at today’s Commission meeting.

“I am honored to have the support and trust of my colleagues as I lead the Commission as Chairman during this exciting time for Texas oil and gas development,” Craddick said.

“In foreseeing the needs of a fast-paced industry, we have spent much of my first year and a half at the Commission evaluating rules and processes in order to enhance our state’s regulatory structure,” Craddick said. “While we know that Texas’ energy sector has the power to bring unprecedented economic gains to our state, one major obstacle can hold this sector back: unpredictable, excessive regulation. As Chairman, I will ensure that we continue to have fair, common sense rules that foster vibrant industry innovation, allowing industry to power our state’s economy, while keeping our citizens and natural resources safe.  

Adequate staff and efficient processes at the Commission are critical to success as energy production skyrockets. As the upcoming legislative session approaches, I anticipate working with legislators to increase funding for the agency that would bolster staff numbers in response to the growing workload and further the development of our IT programs,” Craddick said.

“It is imperative that we work in a concerted effort to solve the important issues we are seeing today; including water conservation, further infrastructure development, integration of industry best practices within our rules, and continued education of the public about the energy industry’s presence in our communities,” Craddick said.  “I will work to bring all parties together to raise the bar for policies that aid in the positive growth of this state.

“I would like to thank Chairman Smitherman for his leadership and for the contribution his tireless service has made to energy sectors in Texas. The Commission is fortunate to have three Commissioners who bring unique skills to the table,” Craddick said. “I strongly believe that the Commission benefits most when all of our skills are utilized. With the election of a new Commissioner in November, I look forward to continued work with Commissioner Porter, and welcome his experience and expertise as we maintain a well-balanced Commission.”


Chairman Christi Craddick was elected statewide by the people of Texas in November 2012 to serve a six-year term as Texas Railroad Commissioner, and was elected Chairman of the Commission in August 2014. A native of Midland, Christi is an attorney specializing in oil and gas, water, tax issues, electric deregulation and environmental policy.