Craddick Visits North Texas Commission


DALLAS – Commissioner Christi Craddick spoke to members of the North Texas Commission about the importance of Texas oil and gas production and its broad impact on both the global energy market and Texas communities alike at their To the Point luncheon series in Dallas today. 

“After the rise and fall of Texas oil and gas in the 1980s, no one imagined the industry would be where we are production-wise today,” Craddick said. “Despite industry challenges surrounding the price of oil, this year, we expect to surpass all-time highs for oil production in Texas, breaking records set in 1972, proving once again the true might and resilience of an industry that continues to drive our state’s economy. The resulting direct economic impacts seen in communities all across Texas and in state coffers are truly immeasurable.” 

The North Texas Commission was established in 1971 and carries out the mission of collaborating with regional stakeholders to strengthen public-private alliances, in an effort to advance an economically vibrant region. 

Christi Craddick was elected statewide by the people of Texas in November 2012 to serve a six-year term as Texas Railroad Commissioner. A native of Midland, Christi is an attorney specializing in oil and gas, water, tax issues, electric deregulation and environmental policy.