RRC Online System

What is the RRC Online System?

The RRC Online System provides electronic filing and processing capability for certain oil and gas forms. Electronic filing options in this system generally include online filing and EDI filing by uploading data.

Use of these electronic filing options requires a User ID that is obtained by filing a Security Administrator Designation (SAD) form (pdf format) and following subsequent instructions for assigning security access to company employees.

How does RRC Online System work?

RRC Online System saves money by electronically sending data required on a report from your computer to our computer. The RRC Online System allows the user to submit their reports using one or more of the following mediums:

Online Filing Over the Internet

The data is keyed directly into online screens and submitted to the RRC over the Internet.

EDI - File Upload

The data is sent directly from your computer, using the Internet E-File System, to our computers in the file format prescribed by the RRC. This transmission is almost instantaneous, requiring nothing in a material form to be transferred.

EDI - Compact Disc

The data is downloaded in a specified format from your computer onto a CD. The CD is mailed to the Commission where the data is then uploaded to our computer for processing.

Is it mandatory to file electronically through the RRC Online System?

Certain Pipeline Forms may be required to be filed electronically.

If I fill out a SAD Form and submit it to the RRC will I be required to submit electronically?

No, users who submit a SAD Form and have a SAD Form on file are not required to file electronically.

When I use the online screens to enter a report, can I use the "back arrow" button on my browser to return to a previous screen?

No, do not use the back arrow button on your browser. To navigate within an application, use the buttons provided within the application. Using a back arrow button on your browser may create errors within the application.

When I log into the RRC Online System, I do not have access to all the applications that are supposed to be available. What is the problem?

When you log into the system, you will only be able to select those applications for which your company's designated security administrator has given you filing privileges. Contact your company's security administrator if you have any questions about the applications you can access.

What reports or applications can be filed through the RRC Online System?

Production Reports (Form PR), Drilling Permit Applications (Form W-1), Annual Disposal/Injection Well Monitoring Report (Form H-10), Pipeline Forms (PS-81, PS-87, PS-89, PS-95) and Texas Damage Reporting can be filed through the RRC Online System. Additional forms will be added in the near future.

How is authorization obtained to file electronically through the RRC Online System?

The Security Administrator Designation (SAD) form (pdf format) was adopted by the RRC July 2004. The use of this form is being phased in as certain oil and gas systems are migrated from the mainframe to an open systems environment and expanded to include new electronic filing options. The purpose of this form is to establish a security administrator(s) for a company or individual who wishes to file reports or applications on-line and/or through one of the EDI options available through the RRC Online System. This form must be filled out and mailed to the RRC. Once the RRC approves the Security Administrator Designation, the security administrator will be notified of his or her assigned User ID. The Security administrator may then further distribute security by assigning additional User IDs to employees within the company and designating which forms they are authorized to file electronically with the RRC. DO NOT FILE A SAD FORM FOR EACH USER. Companies who have a SAD Form on file with the RRC do not have to file a MEFC for EDI access through the RRC Online System. However, companies that only have a MEFC on file, must also file a SAD Form if they wish to access the RRC Online System to utilize the electronic filing options available in that system.

I am a designated security administrator, but when I log into the RRC Online System using the User ID assigned to me by the Railroad Commission, I cannot access any applications other than Account Administration. What do I need to do to get access to other oil and gas applications?

When you log into the system using the User ID assigned to you as a security administrator, you will only have access to Account Administration screens. You cannot use your security administrator User ID to electronically file reports. If you have two roles, one as a security administrator and one as a filer, you must create a different User ID for yourself as a filer and assign yourself the necessary filing privileges.

How do I file more than just one form using the RRC Online System?

The RRCOnline System currently allows for the filing of the following:

  • Oil & Gas Forms
    • PR (Production Reports)
    • W-1 (Drilling Permit Application)
    • H10 (Annual Disposal/Injection Well Monitoring Report)
  • Pipeline Forms
    • Texas Damage Reporting Form**
    • PS-81 (Plastic Pipe Inventory)
    • PS-87 (Proximity to Public Schools)
    • PS-89 (Risk Management)
    • PS-95 (Semi-Annual Leak Report)

Control of which applications are available to a filer account is in the hands of the organization's security administrator. In order to file a particular report or application, your security administrator must assign that filing right to you. The following steps taken by your security administrator will accomplish that:

1 Log in to the RRC Online System using the security account User ID.
2. On the RRC Online System Home screen, select Account Administration.
3. On the Account Administration screen, click the Search tab at the top of the screen.
4. On the Search for Person screen, you may leave all fields blank, or you may enter search parameters. Click the Search button at the bottom.
5. The resulting Search Results screen will list all accessible accounts within your company who fit the parameters (if any) that you entered. Click a User ID link to access the account settings.
6. On the Maintain Account Info screen, click the Assign Filing Rights tab to assign/remove filing privileges for that account. Locate the appropriate right in the "Available Rights", check the "add" box, and then click submit at the bottom. Once that right appears in the "Associated Rights" group, the filer account will have access to the drilling permits application.

(** Note: the Texas Damage Reporting System can be accessed by non-operators, such as excavators, emergency response officials and the general public, through this link: http://webapps.rrc.state.tx.us/TPD/publicHomeAction.do)