Fourth of July

In observance of the Independence Day holiday, the Railroad Commission of Texas will be closed Friday, July 3, 2020.

Data Submission Requirements

Methods for Electronic Data Submission

Authorized users of the RRC Online System may submit reports or applications using one or more of the following data-exchange processes:

Over the Internet Enter data directly into online form fields and submit it to the RRC over the Internet.
Electronic Data Interchange through File Uploads Using the Internet E-File System, send data directly from your computer to the RRC network in the file format prescribed by the RRC. This transmission is almost instantaneous, requiring nothing in a material form to be transferred. Click here for EDI Specifications.
Electronic Data Interchange through Compact Disc Submission Copy your data in a specified format from your computer onto a CD, and then mail the CD to the Commission. The RRC will upload your data from the CD for processing.

If you prefer not to submit Oil and Gas data yourself, you may wish to consult a list of vendors providing Oil and Gas form-filing services and software.

However you choose to submit your data, please be aware of the RRC's Oil and Gas filing deadlines.

To log into the RRC Online, please click here.

Assign a Security Administrator for Filing Operations

To file forms electronically through the RRC Online System, you must first assign a Security Administrator for your organization by submitting a Security Administrator Designation for Electronic Filing form to the RRC. The Security Administrator can then assign user roles to others in your organization, enabling them to file forms electronically with the RRC. The Security Administrator may also file forms electronically, but must first assign himself/herself a user role with rights to file. For more information on the Security Administrator functions and responsibilities, please see the RRC Online System frequently asked questions, and the PDF instructions for user account creation/maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

RRC Online System FAQ - for general information about electronic filing using the RRC Online System

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