Credit Cards

The Railroad Commission of Texas accepts Mastercard and Visa credit cards for payment on purchases of documents, fees, and services. Note: A 3% convenience fee will be added to all payment portal transactions beginning June 16, 2006. Credit card purchases may be made by telephone, fax, or mail.

Telephone: Credit card purchases may be made by telephone by giving the type of card, name on card, card number, card security code, expiration date, and zip code of card billing address. The Commission will not keep the card number and other information on file. Callers will have to provide the information for any future purchases.

Fax: Credit card purchases of documents, publications, and electronic data may be made by fax.  Please fax a copy of the following form along with a description of the item being purchased to the Public Sales department at: 


Mail: Please attach the following form to the order form, application, etc. and mail to:

Railroad Commission of Texas
Attn: Public Sales
P.O. Drawer 12967
Austin, TX  78711-2967

DO NOT put credit card information on any permit or application form. Such documents are of public record and are subject to the Public Information (Open Records) Act.

Please complete the following information (typed or written) if you would like to charge this payment to your credit card. This form will NOT be retained by the Railroad Commission. Submit a new form with each permit, application, order, etc.
Note: Payment will not be processed without a valid card security code and card billing address zip code.

Mastercard or Visa
(circle one)
Cardholder's Name:

Amount: Card Number:                                                            Card Security Code:

Expiration Date: Company Name:
Address: City:                                              State:                        Zip Code:
Day Phone
(Including Area Code):

Please attach this form to your request.  DO NOT include credit card information on your permit or application form.  Those documents are public records and are subject to the Public Information (Open Records) Act.

Note: An additional 3% convenience fee will be added to all credit card transactions for drilling permits (W-1s) made through the Drilling Permit system payment portal beginning June 16, 2006

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