Autogas Engine Fuel Courses

Since 1992 the Railroad Commission has offered courses for alternative fuel fleet operators, drivers and technicians. Both elementary and advanced courses are available, as well as courses on converting commercial mowers, forklifts and landscaping equipment.

Use the links below to view or download a PDF copy of the autogas course manuals AFRED developed for the Propane Education and Research Council under PERC Docket 17243.
Converting Vehicles to Propane Autogas
            Part 1: Installing Fuel Tanks and Fuel Lines (PDF)
            Part 2: Installing Underhood Components (PDF)
            Part 3: Installing and Operating Dispensers (PDF)
            Part 4: Troubleshooting Four Current Autogas Fuel Systems (PDF)
            Off-Road Applications of Propane Engine Fuel (PDF)

 For more information or to schedule a course, email training-exams or call (512) 463-2682.

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