Kilgore Office Closed

Due to a power outage, the RRC’s Kilgore office will be closed Friday, September 13.  We will resume normal hours on Monday, September 16. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Course Descriptions


1.1. Introduction to Propane
This 8-hour course provides new employees with a general overview of the propane industry, equipment, and fuel characteristics needed to perform their basic job functions. 


2.1. Dispenser Operations
This 8-hour course covers proper filling and handling of ASME motor/mobile fuel containers, appurtenances, DOT cylinders, and dispenser operations. 


2.3. Bobtail Operations
This 8-hour course covers federal and state regulations that apply to hazardous material transportation, the operation of propane delivery vehicles, and LP-gas safety rules, including NFPA 54 and 58, that apply to LP-gas installations. 

3.1 Residential System Layout and Design
This 8-hour course covers all aspects for properly laying out and designing a residential propane system, including sizing the container, regulators, piping and tubing. 

3.2 Residential System Installation
This 8-hour course covers the procedures for proper installation and start-up of a residential propane system, including correct appliance operation.  

3.11 Residential System Inspection
This 8-hour course covers proper inspection, documentation, and customer information procedures for residential propane distribution systems.  


3.3 Appliance Conversion, Installation and Venting
This course covers the essentials of converting, installing, and venting of propane gas appliances. 

3.5 Appliance Controls
This course covers the functions of appliance controls, control troubleshooting, introduction to electrical circuits, basic meter usage, and fundamentals of customer relations. 

3.7 Appliance Troubleshooting and Repair
This 8-hour course covers electrical circuits and diagrams of appliances to improve the technician’s knowledge of troubleshooting and repairing residential propane appliances.  


3.8 Recreational Vehicle Gas Appliances
This course covers servicing of recreational vehicles' LP-gas systems and appliances. 


Category F, G, I & J Management Course
This 16-hour course covers ASME motor/mobile fuel containers, appurtenances, DOT cylinders, the operations of a dispenser to fill tanks and cylinders and applicable LP-gas requirements for obtaining a Category F, G, I or J management-level certificate. Students observe the operation of a dispenser to fill cylinders and containers. 

Category E Management Course
This 80-hour course covers all the material in courses 1.1, 2.1, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.5, and 3.11; Railroad Commission LP-Gas Safety Rules; National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 54, National Fuel Gas Code and NFPA 58, LP-Gas Code. All new Category E certification applicants must complete this course. 

6.1 Regulatory Compliance for Managers
This 8-hour course provides the latest information on state and federal rules and programs that apply to the propane industry. It is designed for owners and managers of propane companies and meets their continuing-education requirements.  

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