General Monitoring and Reporting Requirements

  1. Rules 9, 46, and 96 (Form H-10) - Operators of disposal/injection wells must monitor the injection pressure and volume at least monthly and report the results annually on Form H-10. 

  2. Rules 95 and 97 (Form H-10H) - Operators of hydrocarbon storage wells in salt formations must monitor the injection pressure and net volume injected or withdrawn at least monthly and report the results annually on Form H-10H. 

  3. Filing procedure:
    • A Form H-10 or H-10H for each well is computer generated and mailed out to the operator before the end of the reporting cycle.  
    • Additional copies may be obtained from the RRC website using the Public H-10 Query.  
    • The Form H-10 or H-10H must be returned by the operator two months after the end of the reporting cycle.  
    • In addition, both Forms H-10 and H-10H include instructions on the back of the form.

  4. Reporting cycles:
    • Since July 1995, reporting is staggered by field. All Forms H-10 and H-10H in a field will be due the same month as the production status reports (Forms W-10 and G-10) are due for that field.


      Month mailed out W-10 / G-10 / H-10 
      due date
      W-10 / G-10 
      Effective date
      H-10 Reporting months
      July November 1 December 1 October through September
      August December 1 January 1 November through October
      September January 1 February 1 December through November
      October February 1 March 1 January through December
      November March 1 April 1 February through January
      December April 1 May 1 March through February
      January May 1 June 1 April through March
      February June 1 July 1 May through April
      March July 1 August 1 June through May
      April August 1 September 1 July through June
      May September 1 October 1 August through July
      June October 1 November 1 September through August

    • You may check a particular Fields reporting cycle using the Interactive Data / Public H-10 Query.  

  5. Record Retention.   Statewide Rules 9 and 46 require that monitoring records be kept for five years after the Forms are filed.  In addition, Statewide Rule 1 requires that supporting documents used to compile the records be kept for the same time period.