1.  Annual Monitoring Report (Form H-10)

  • Every well with a valid injection permit must file an annual monitoring report unless the well is actively producing and files an annual production status report (Form W-10 or G-10) instead.

2.  Mechanical Integrity Test (Form H-5)

  • A mechanical integrity test (MIT) must be performed before any fluids are injected into the well.
  • Once the well is converted to injection, an MIT must be performed periodically for the life of the permit.

3.  Completion report (Form W-2 or G-1)

  • File a completion report within 30 days of conversion to reflect the actual completion of the well.
  • Commission staff will review the actual completion against the proposed completion in the permit application. 


    • Fill in required dates and permit numbers. Be certain injection into a productive zone for disposal purposes is shown under injection rather than disposal authority.
    • The well location blocks are to be completed on both front and back sides of Form W-2 or G-1.
    • Casing and liner record must be completed.
    • Presence of packer and packer depth must be included.
    • The "producing" interval must be included. Show the perforated intervals here, not the permitted intervals.
    • Please include all cement squeeze information.
    • Please indicate if the well is dually completed for disposal and production.