Technical Discussion of Area of Review Issues

Statewide Rules 9 and 46 both require that injected fluids remain confined to the authorized injection/disposal interval. The technical review of the Area of Review evaluates whether confinement of injected fluids can be ensured.

A common deficiency affecting the permitting of a well for injection is that there are wells within the 1/4 mile area of review with unknown completion or plugging status. In this situation, the operator is requested to provide additional completion and/or plugging data, or demonstrate through reservoir pressure calculations that injected fluids cannot reach groundwater. Alternatively, the permit will be administratively denied or will require the applicant to re-enter and properly plug the problem well(s).

Failure to adequately perform the area of review check may result in bradenhead pressure buildup on surrounding wells or breakouts. If a fluid confinement problem were to result, then all injection/disposal wells within 1/4 mile would be shut in until the source of the problem is identified and corrected.