Form H-5 Testing Procedure - Instructions

1.  Notification/Filing requirements (Instructions 1-3)

  • Give 48-hours notice to district office.
  • File Form H-5 and attachments in duplicate with the district office within 30-days after any pressure test. 
    Note that "any pressure test" includes "failed" or "inconclusive" tests.
  • Originals will be forwarded to Austin by district office.

2.  Pressure Recorder (Instruction 4(a))

  • Must use a one-pen recorder to monitor the tubing-casing test pressure.
  • Must submit the recording chart if the test is not witnessed by the Commission.
  • Test pressure must fall within 30-70% of full scale. Normally, the Commission will allow test pressures to fall within 20-80% of full scale on 1000 psi charts.
  • Scale requirements also apply to strip charts.
  • Clock for circular chart recorders must not exceed 24 hours.

3.  Pressure Gauges (Instruction 4(b))

  • Must use gauges to monitor the tubing, casing, and surface casing pressures to be entered under Item 19.
  • Casing gauge readings will either back up the recorder or indicate an improperly calibrated instrument.
  • Casing pressure must fall within 30-70% of full scale with a minimum increment on the gauge of no more than 5% of the required test pressure.

4.  Casing Test Pressure (Instruction 4(c))

  • Test to 500 psig or maximum authorized injection pressure, whichever is less, but no less than 200 psig. 

    Permitted Maximum Injection Pressure H-5 Test Pressure
    200 psig or less 200 psig
    200 to 500 psig permitted maximum pressure
    500 psig or more 500 psig
  • Maintain a 200 psig pressure differential between the test pressure and any tubing pressure. The tubing pressure may be 200 psi higher or lower than the test pressure.
  • Wells that inject down casing must test at the maximum permitted pressure.

5.  Test Duration (Instruction 4(d)).

  • Minimum 30-minute test.
  • A successful test is one in which the pressure stabilizes within 10% of the required test pressure and remains stabilized for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Minimum 60-minute test is required for a gas injection well being tested with a gas-filled annulus. 

    NOTE: Wells permitted to inject liquids must be tested with a liquid-filled annulus unless otherwise approved by the Commission.

Direct questions or comments to: Technical Permitting, 512-463-6792