General Testing Requirements

  1. When tests are required. Each disposal well, fluid injection well, and gas reservoir storage well must be pressure tested to determine if there are any leaks in the casing, tubing, or packer:
    • before injection operations begin;
    • at least once every five years or more frequently if required by the permit;
    • after any workover that disturbs the seal between the tubing, packer, and casing or after any repair work has been performed on the casing;
    • when a request is made to is to suspend or re-activate the injection or disposal permit;
    • when otherwise directed by the Commission, as when a monitoring report or lease inspection reveals evidence of a leak. 

      NOTE: Permits for wells that do not have surface casing set and cemented through all zones of usable quality groundwater require more frequent testing (usually annual testing).

  2. Reporting. Test results are reported on Form H-5.