Non-Compliance/Enforcement Action

1.  Failed Tests

  • Shut in well immediately.
  • Notify the district office within 24 hours - as specified in Rule 9(11)(D), and 46(i)(4).
  • Submit test results on Form H-5 within 30 days. Note that filing the pressure test report is required on all pressure tests, whether passed, failed, or inconclusive.
  • The Commission will typically require that the well be repaired and retested within 60 days.

2.  Delinquent Tests

  • 60 days past the due date, the Commission sends the operator a second notice of the need to file Form H-5.
  • Enforcement action is initiated 30 days after the second notice if the operator has not contacted Technical Permitting regarding compliance.
    • Well sealed in if no production exists on the lease.
    • Lease pipeline connection severed if production exists.

3.  Compliance

A well becomes compliant with the scheduled test requirement when the pressure test report (Form H-5) is received in the District Office. This date is important if the lease is severed/sealed-in for non-compliance. The pipeline reconnection fee must be paid if the well was non-compliant on the date of the severance.