Heat Medium Oil Filters

Problem: A large volume of conventional filters were generated by a heat medium oil system. The system had three sets of filters: a 36-filter set changed weekly; a 3-filter set changed bi-weekly; and a 54-filter set changed bi-monthly. The costs associated with the filter change-outs, new filters, and lost oil were high. Also, the plant had changed to a new type of oil that more effectively cut deposits in the system, resulting in the need for more efficient filtering.

Solution: Installed spinner (i.e., centrifugal) filter units in place of the 36-filter set and the 3-filter set. The heat medium oil is circulated out of the system, cooled, and run through the spinner filter units. The spinner filter units require clean-out three times per week.

Benefits: The elimination of the conventional 36-filter set and 3-filter set resulted in elimination of 1,950 waste filters per year. The maintenance and waste management requirements were reduced. The cost savings were significant. Approximately $18,500 per year was saved due to: reduced filter replacement costs; reduced labor and maintenance costs; and reduced lost oil costs. The operator is investigating the feasibility of replacing the 54-filter set with spinner filter units. The operator estimates that the savings could increase to about $32,000 per year if all conventional filters can be replaced with spinner filters.

Last Updated: 4/8/2016 10:47:32 AM