Oil and Gas Well Records - Price List

Microformat/Paper 8-1/2" X 11" $ 0.10/pg
Paper, Legal-sized 11" X 14" $ 0.10/pg
Oversized Paper size (width) 12", 24", & 36" $ 0.25/foot of paper (self-service)
    $ 0.40/foot of paper (employee-made)
(Oversize document duplicated on continuous roll paper)  
Microfiche Sheet   $ 2.00/sheet
Microfilm Duplication (2.5 mil 16mm -- Diazo)   $ 22.00/roll
Microfilm Duplication (5 mil 16mm -- Silver)   $ 27.00/roll
Copies prepared for official certification $ 0.10/pg
Note: Each certification $ 1.00/seal
Personnel charge $15.00/hour
($2.50 per 10 minute increment)  
Overhead Charge (20% of Personnel charge)
Research Fee $ 5.00/each half hour
(Texas Natural Resources Code Sec. 81.01009, titled "Records Research Fee", requires the Railroad Commission to charge a fee of $5.00 for each 1/2 hour, or fraction of 1/2 hour, that a Commission employee spends in an examination or search of Commission records).
Postage: The actual cost of mailing requested information.

NOTE: Copies may be paid in cash, check and/or credit card (MasterCard or Visa). Exact change is required for cash payment transactions. Please do not send payment until you have been notified of cost by Commission staff. (Rev. 01-01-05)

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