Capitol Complex Construction

If you are planning to visit the Railroad Commission’s Austin offices in the William B. Travis state office building, please be aware of changes to traffic patterns and the availability of metered parking in the area due to the Capitol Complex Construction project.  Click here for additional information.

Master Meter

Information about Master Meter pipeline systems

Guidance for Operators of Small Natural Gas Systems

Introduction and Overview

Regulator and Relief Devices

Corrosion Control

Leak Detection

Unaccounted For Gas

Repairs and New Construction

Proper Location and Design of Customer Meter and Regulator Sets

Plans and Reports Required by the Federal Govenment

Glossary and Acronyms

Sample Forms

Plan and Procedure Samples

Operator and Maintenance Plan 

Operator and Maintenance Plan Annual Review Form 

Emergency Plan 

Employee Emergency Plan Annual Training Form

Operator Qualification Program 

PHMSA-DIMP Small Operator Guidance

Distribution Integrity Management Plan (DIMP)

Public Education Samples

Gas Leaks Public Education - English Version 

Gas Leaks Public Education - Spanish Version 

Public Education - DOT Sample 1 

Public Education - DOT Sample 2 

What to do if you Smell Gas - English Version

What to do if you Smell Gas - Spanish Version 


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