Notice to Pipeline Operators: RRC Launches PIPES

Pipeline, Inspection, Permitting and Evaluation Public Portal

July 12, 2021

The Railroad Commission of Texas has launched the Pipeline, Inspection, Permitting and Evaluation System (RRC PIPES) public portal, reaching another milestone in increasing transparency of the agency’s functions.

For the first time, pipeline operators can file plan of correction files, safety related condition reports, integrity notifications and PS-95 reports online. In addition, the public can go online and access documents in the RRC’s pipeline safety inspection process. Users can search inspections, complaints and incidents using a variety of criteria including operator name, location, dates, etc. Another benefit the public portal provides is to improve the agency’s efficiency. For example, people requesting documents through the open records process can now save time and see the information on RRC PIPES.


To view the full notice, visit the RRC website at