RRC Approves Revisions to Form R-32

Application for Exception to Statewide Rule 32

November 04, 2020

The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) approved revisions to Form R-32, Application for Exception to Statewide Rule 32 (formerly, the Statewide Rule 32 Data Sheet).

As part of the RRC’s efforts to reduce flaring of natural gas in Texas, RRC staff proposed changes to Form R-32 requiring operators to more thoroughly document the circumstances surrounding the need to flare gas, providing the RRC accurate information to assess compliance with the flare/vent authority, and encouraging transparency in understanding the broader needs and reasons for flaring and/or venting during oil and gas production operations in Texas.

Proposed form revisions were presented at RRC conference on August 4, 2020, and the revisions were posted on the agency’s website for public comment. The RRC received comments from 26 individuals, operating companies, trade associations and non-governmental organizations. Some of the comments were not relevant or were beyond the scope of the proposed changes to the form.

Staff considered all the comments that were determined to be germane to the proposal and modified the form accordingly. The new form greatly enhances collection of critical data points and in some cases significantly reduces flare duration.

In addition, to support the Rule 32 program RRC staff is currently developing an online form for submission via the RRC Online System. The first phase of the implementation is currently planned to go live by the end of March 2021.

Form R-32 goes into effect immediately, but operators have the choice to file either the new Form R-32 or the existing data sheet until April 1, 2021 when an online exception filing system is implemented. Once the online system is implemented, the current Rule 32 Data Sheet will be phased out and discontinued.

The revised Form R-32 is available for download from the RRC website on the Oil & Gas Forms page.