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Curtailment Plan

Oil And Gas Docket Gas Utilities Division No. 20-62,505 Docket No. 489

On April 12, 2022, the Commissioners approved amendments to Rule §7.455 and repealed §7.305 to update the current curtailment priorities and programs contained in Oil and Gas Docket, Gas Utilities Division No. 20-62,505, Docket 489, commonly known as Order 489. The amendments to §7.455 are not effective for gas utilities until September 1, 2022.

Order Relating To The Approval By The Commission Of Curtailment Programs For Natural Gas Transported And Sold Within The State Of Texas

After due notice the Railroad Commission of Texas on the 30th day of November, 1972, heard testimony and requested written curtailment priorities from representatives of investor owned and municipal gas utilities companies, private industry consumers and others responsible for directing available natural gas supplies to the consumers of natural gas in the State of Texas.

  • WHEREAS, pursuant to the authority granted to the Railroad Commission of Texas in Article 6050 to 6066, inclusive, R.C.S., as amended; and
  • WHEREAS, the Commission has determined the need for a curtailment program to assure effective control of the flow of natural gas to the proper destinations to avoid suffering and hardship of domestic consumers; and
  • WHEREAS, the Commission has determined a need to make natural gas available to all gas consumers on a reasonable but limited basis during times of needed curtailment to the end that the public will be best served; and
  • WHEREAS, the Commission has determined that the transportation delivery and/or sale of natural gas in the State of Texas for any purpose other than human need consumption will be curtailed to whatever extent and for whatever periods the Commission may find necessary for the primary benefit of human needs customers (domestic and commercial consumption) and such small industries as cannot practically be curtailed without curtailing human needs.

IT IS THEREFORE, ORDERED BY THE RAILROAD COMMISSION OF TEXAS that the following rules relating to the approval by the Commission of curtailment programs for gas transported and sold within the State of Texas shall apply to all parties responsible for directing available and future natural gas supplies to the consumers of natural gas in the State of Texas.


Every natural gas utility, as that term is defined in Article 6050, R.C.S. of Texas, as amended, intrastate operations only, shall file with the Railroad Commission on or before Feb. 12, 1973, its curtailment program. The Commission may approve the program without a hearing; set the matter for a public hearing on its own motion or on the motion of any affected customer of said utility.

The curtailment program to be filed shall include, in verified form, the following information:

  1. Volume of gas reserves attached to its system together with a brief description of each separate source of gas reserves setting forth the following:
    1. the name of the supplier,
    2. the term of each contract in years, and the years remaining on said contract,
    3. the volume of recoverable reserve contracted for, and
    4. rated deliverability of such reserves in MCF.
  2. Capacity and location of underground storage, if any, attached to its system with a statement of whether the company's storage balance is above or below its desired level for this time, and, if below, what plans has the company made to restore the balance.
  3. Peak day and average daily deliverability on an annual basis of its wells, gas plants and underground storage attached to its system.
  4. Peak day capacity of its system.
  5. Forecast of additions to reserves for each of the next two succeeding years.
  6. Location and size of the line pipes, compressor stations, operating maximum line pressures, and a map showing delivery points along the system.
  7. Disposition of all gas entering its system, with names of all customers other than residential customers and volumes delivered to each during the past calendar year. Identify those customers using 3,000 MCF gas per day, or more, which are under a service contract, and if such contract includes an "Interruptible Service" clause, and if so, attach a reproduced copy of the relevant provisions of such contract.
  8. Steps taken in past years, being taken at the present, and to be taken to alleviate curtailments.


Until such time as the Commission has specifically approved a utilities curtailment program, the following priorities in descending order shall be observed:

  1. Deliveries for residences, hospitals, schools, churches and other human needs customers.
  2. Deliveries of gas to small industrials and regular commercial loads (defined as those customers using less than 3,000 MCF per day) and delivery of gas for use as pilot lights or in accessory or auxiliary equipment essential to avoid serious damage to industrial plants.
  3. Large users of gas for fuel or as a raw material where an alternate cannot be used and operation and plant production would be curtailed or shut down completely when gas is curtailed.
  4. Large users of gas for boiler fuel or other fuel users where alternate fuels can be used. This category is not to be determined by whether or not a user has actually installed alternate fuel facilities, but whether or not an alternate fuel "could" be used.
  5. Interruptible sales made subject to interruption or curtailment at Seller's sole discretion under contracts or tariffs which provide in effect for the sale of such gas as Seller may be agreeable to selling and Buyer may be agreeable to buying from time to time.


Each gas utility that has obtained Commission approval of a curtailment program shall conduct operations in compliance with such program.

So long as any gas utility which has obtained Commission approval of a curtailment program continues to curtail deliveries to its customers, except as provided by contract or those customers included in Part E of Rule 2 above, it (a) shall file on or before April 1 of each year, under oath, the information called for in Rule 1, for the preceeding year, and (b) shall not, without Commission approval, make sales of gas to any new customers or increase volumes sold to existing customers, except those new or existing customers defined in Parts A & B of Rule 2 above.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that this cause be held open for such other and further orders as may be deemed necessary.

ENTERED AT AUSTIN, TEXAS, this 5th day of January, 1973.