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Logon & e-File Instructions for Tariffs

General Instructions

This page is for qualified gas utilities that are regulated by the Railroad Commission of Texas (“Commission” or “RRC”). These regulated entities must file permits, applications, reports and other information with the Commission.

  • To access the Gas Services (“GS”) Tariff eFile System log into the RRC Online System  (account User ID and password required). Please note, tariff analysts have 30 days to review tariffs submitted through GS Tariff eFile System.
  • To file information electronically with the Commission you must:
    1. Read the requirements for participating in online filing.
    2. Complete the Security Administrator Designation (“SAD”) form. More than one security administrator can be designated for an operator, but a separate SAD form must be completed for each additional security administrator. If the operator has already provided the SAD form for the Security Administrator(s), then step two is not required. Operators may change a security administrator designation at any time. For more information on the Security Administrator functions and responsibilities, please see the RRC Online System frequently asked questions.
      1. ) Submit the SAD to the Commission’s Information Technology Services (“ITS”) at Railroad Commission of Texas, 1701 North Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78711 or by email to Please note, a SAD form should not be filed for each Gas Utility eFiler. Receipt of the SAD form will be acknowledged by e-mail.
      2. ) Wait for ITS to provide the designated Security Administrator a User ID and temporary password by email.
    3. The Security Administrator will log into the RRC Online System and assign IDs and filings rights. The Security Administrator(s) will have complete control over who within the company receives authorization to file electronically. The Security Administrator is responsible for maintaining security of all assigned User IDs and passwords.
    4. Review the tariff filing guide to compose and file information electronically (updated March 2020). Contact your assigned Tariff Analyst for questions or to set up a tariff training session (for new Gas Utility eFilers).
    5. Create the data file according to the file format standards outlined in the tariff filing guide.
  • Gas utilities may compose their own files, work with a consultant, or may use a vendor's software to create gas tariff files. See the eFile Software Vendors List.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions list about tariff filing is available.