Non-Submetered Master Meter Disconnections

Information on rules regarding Non-Submetered Master Meter accounts within municipalities.

As per House Bill 1772, 16 Tex. Admin. Code § 7.475 relating to Municipality Contact Information for Notice of Disconnection for Non-Payment for Non-Submetered Master Metered Multifamily Properties, the Railroad Commission will implement a mechanism by which municipalities can opt to receive notice from utilities when a Non-Submetered Master Metered Multifamily Property is subject to disconnection of service due to non-payment. Below are options for municipalities to provide contact information as well as for utilities to ascertain which municipalities have elected to participate. 


Provide contact name, phone number and mailing address for the designated municipal contact via email to or by mail to: 

  Gas Services Department
  Railroad Commission of Texas 
  P.O. Box 12967 Austin, TX 78711-2967 

Natural Gas Distribution Utilities: 

To ascertain if a municipality has elected to be sent disconnection notices for non-sub-metered master meter customers within their jurisdictions, email

Municipality Contact Information for Municipalities that have Opted to Recieve Notice:

Municipality Contact Person Phone Address
Arlington Mike Bass (817) 459-5341 1030 SW Green Oaks Blvd.
Arlington, TX 76017