Texas Energy Reliability Council

The Texas Energy Reliability Council (TERC) is made up of leaders from the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC), the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the Public Utility Commission of Texas, and members of the natural gas industry to ensure high priority, human needs are met in the event of necessary curtailment of gas distribution or supplies.  Under the RRC’s Curtailment Plan, gas utilities place the highest priority for gas availability and delivery on residences, hospital, schools, churches and other human needs customers.  TERC members meet regularly to foster communication and planning to ensure preparedness should curtailment be necessary.

TERC was formalized in Senate Bill 3 to “ensure that the energy and electric industries in this state meet high priority human needs and address critical infrastructure concerns” and to “enhance coordination and communication in the energy and electric industries in this state.”

The five members appointed to TERC by RRC’s commissioners will join Wayne Christian and other representatives appointed by the Governor and the Public Utility Council and also officials from other agencies.

RRC’s appointees are:

  • Jason Herrick, president of Pantera Energy, representing the operation of wells producing natural gas.
  • Grant Ruckel, vice president for government affairs at Energy Transfer, representing the pipelines.
  • Danny Wesson, executive vice president of operations for Diamondback, representing injection and storage of produced water.
  • Graham Bacon, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Enterprise Products, representing gas processing.
  • Keith Wall, director of regulatory affairs for Southern Gas Operations at CenterPoint Energy, representing local gas distribution companies.