Docket No. 10455

Consolidated Complaints of Targa Liquids Marketing and Trade, ("Targa"), Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc. ("Pioneer"), ConocoPhillips Company ("ConocoPhillips"), and ELTM, LP, F/K/A Enbridge Liquids Transporation Marketing, LP ("ELTM") to Establish Common Carrier Rates for the West Texas LPG Pipeline Limited Partnership ("WTXP")
Order on Interim Appeals
Order on Interim Appeals (09/27/16)
Proposal for Decision (09/29/17)
Proposal for Decision Attachments 1-15 (09/29/17)
Order for Limited Scope Remand  (01/23/18)
Interim Order Denying WTXP Motion (02/27/18)
Final Order (01/23/19)