Administrative Review

Basic Filing Requirements

This part of the permit review verifies that all rule and statutory requirements have been met for a permit to be issued. 

Choosing the correct form

A productive reservoir is a reservoir with past or current production within a 2-mile radius of the proposed injection well. If any part of the proposed injection zone is or ever has been productive, then the permit application should be filed on Form H-1/H-1A.

Application Forms

Use the current forms. Using older forms may result in requests for additional information and corresponding delays in permitting

  • Forms H-1 and H-1A. (Injection into a Reservoir Productive of Oil or Gas, Rule 46)
  • Form W-14, (Injection into a Formation Not Productive of Oil or Gas, Rule 9)

Fees and Surcharges

  • $250 for each disposal well permit application (Rule 9) ($100 application fee plus $150 surcharge).
  • $500 for each injection permit application (Rule 46) filing fee per wellbore ($200 application fee plus $300 surcharge)
  • $375 (additional) for each exception request ($150 exception request plus $225 surcharge).

These fees are non-refundable. The surcharge was effective May 1, 2012.

Where to File

Preliminary Review

Organization Report (Form P-5) 

The applicant must have a current organization report on file with the Commission.   The Commission's mainframe database is checked to verify that the organization report is on file and current.

Certificate of Compliance (Form P-4)

The applicant must be the current operator of the lease. If a Form P-4 has been filed on the lease, the applicant must be shown as the operator on the current Form P-4.  For a new lease, the operator will be required to file Form P-4 along with the completion report (Form W-2/G-1) on the injection/disposal well.

Injection/Disposal Well Inventory

The Commission's mainframe database is checked to determine whether the application is for a new permit or an amendment of an existing permit. This check determines which application attachments are required. All attachments are required when filing for a new permit, others may not be required depending on the type of the amendment. 

Beginning February 2, 2005, permit applications will be administratively denied if the subject well is under pipeline severance or seal-in for Rule or permit violations on that well. This policy does not apply to permit amendment applications that, if granted, would return the subject well to compliance.