Operator Cleanup Program

The Operator Cleanup Program (OCP) under the Site Remediation Section is tasked with oversight of complex pollution cleanups performed by the oil and gas industry.  Complex sites include those that occur in sensitive environmental areas as defined by 16 TAC3.91 (SWR 91) and may require site specific cleanup levels based on risk.  Additionally, Operator Cleanup Program staff may be involved in the review of cases where the source of contamination is uncertain.

Sites are referred to the Site Remediation Section by the Railroad Commission of Texas (Commission) District Offices, Commission Legal Enforcement Section and directly from industry.  A significant number of sites are identified by due diligence assessments on oil and gas properties as a result of corporate mergers, acquisitions or other business activities.

When cleanup activities are successfully completed by the operator, Commission staff may issue a “No Further Action” letter acknowledging completion.

Staff of the OCP oversee approximately 525 active and monitored cleanup sites.  Questions about the Operator Cleanup Program should be directed to:

Operator Cleanup Program
Site Remediation Section
Oil and Gas Division
Phone: 512-463-6765
Email: SR-OCP@rrc.texas.gov.

Please submit reports electronically to the email address above and mail one hard copy to:

Railroad Commission of Texas
Site Remediation Section
1701 N. Congress Ave
Austin TX 78701


Railroad Commission of Texas
Site Remediation Section
PO BOX 12967
Austin TX 78711-2967


Please include the assigned OCP number with all correspondence.

Reports or documents containing geoscience services or work must be sealed by a professional geoscientist as required by the Texas Geoscience Practice Act. For questions regarding these requirements, please visit the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists website.

Operator Cleanup