State Managed Cleanup Program

The Site Remediation Section utilizes the Oil & Gas Regulation and Cleanup (OGRC) funds in coordination with the Railroad Commission of Texas District Offices to clean up pollution of abandoned oil and gas sites.  

Funding for the program comes from regulatory fees, permit fees and bond fees paid by the Oil and Gas industry.  

An abandoned site becomes a candidate for state cleanup when the responsible party fails or refuses to take action or is unknown, deceased or bankrupt.  Cleanup prioritization is based on public health, safety and the protection of the environment.

Questions about the Commission's State Managed Cleanup Program should be directed to the Site Remediation Section, to the Commission District office in which the site of interest is located, or by calling 512-463-6765.


State Managed Cleanup Program
Site Remediation Section
Oil and Gas Division
Phone: 512-463-6765


NOTICE TO GEOSCIENTISTS: Please be advised that Professional Geoscientist seals are to be provided  as required by law on reports submitted to the Site Remediation Section

State Managed Cleanup Overview