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Voluntary Cleanup Program

Program Mission:

Similar to the Brownfields Response Program, the RRC’s Voluntary Cleanup Program was created in 2002 to provide an additional incentive to landowners to remediate properties contaminated by oil and gas activities that may otherwise hamper future real estate transactions or redevelopment projects. The goal of the program is to restore these properties and make them economically productive or beneficial to their local communities.

Who is eligible to participate?

The program is open to all parties that did not cause or contribute to the contamination on site and provides these parties, as well as future landowners, lenders, developers, and operators, with a release of liability to the state in exchange for a successful cleanup.

What to expect from the RRC:

Staff of the RRC’s Voluntary Cleanup Program provide technical assistance in the investigation and remediation activities at each property. Staff’s oversight ensures that all contamination on site is appropriately assessed and remediated to standards outlined in the Texas Risk Reduction Program per the applicants desired closure strategy for the property. When cleanup is completed, the RRC will issue a Certificate of Completion that embodies the release of liability to the state for the applicant. Staff of the Voluntary Cleanup Program encourage all parties interested in the program to consider applying.

What is required at time of application?

  • $1,000 application fee, which is applied to the initial account balance
  • $1,500 non-refundable surcharge
  • A completed Application (Hard copy required)
  • A completed Agreement (Hard copy required)
  • A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Electronic copy only)

Please only submit electronic copies of all environmental reports and other related documents, other than the VCP Application and Agreement forms, via email to the VCP Technical Coordinator assigned to the VCP site or to SR-VCP-BRP@rrc.texas.gov.

RRC staff oversight is $80 an hour, which is deducted from the initial account balance of $1,000. Once the initial account balance is depleted, the RRC will send the applicant invoices for any additional oversight work. Click here for more information regarding Commission fees and surcharges.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Additional questions about the program can be directed to:

Site Remediation Section
Oil and Gas Division
Phone: (512) 595-2750
Email: SR-VCP-BRP@rrc.texas.gov

Program Success:

Success stories of the Voluntary Cleanup Program include the 54.8-acre property in Corpus Christi that had hydrocarbon impacted soils around an abandoned tank battery. The property was purchased by Flint Hills Resources, Inc., who entered into the program to remediate the impacted soils and remove the tank battery. Upon completion of the program, Flint Hills donated the property to Nueces County for a Veteran’s Cemetery. Nueces County Judge Terry Shamsie said:

“Teamwork from the Railroad Commission, Flint Hills Resources and the County has resulted in revitalizing this vacant land and benefiting the local community and more importantly, our nation’s veterans.”

Click here to learn more about this successful VCP cleanup.



Voluntary Cleanup Overview