Guidelines for Filing Computer-Generated Hardcopy Forms

Approval Process for Computer-Generated Form Templates

The Railroad Commission of Texas (Commission) has the following guidelines for those who develop computer-generated form templates (“form templates”). Form templates must follow Commission specifications and be approved for use by the Commission Forms Coordinator. If you have questions about form templates, contact the Forms Coordinator at

  1. To request approval of a form template, email the Forms Coordinator at and attach two PDF versions of the form template: one blank version and one sample filled in with the letter z and the number 9. The form template must meet the required specifications discussed in the “Required Specifications for Form Templates” Section below.
  1. Upon approval of a form template, the Forms Coordinator will assign the form template a unique approval identifier (UAI), which is a unique code consisting of letters and numbers. The UAI must be located directly under the form designation number (i.e., “Form W-15”) and the creation/revision date.
  1. Once a form template has been approved and assigned a UAI, any person may file the form template as long as the filed form is identical to the form that was submitted and approved. The UAI must appear on the approved form template every time the form is used for filing.
  1. Occasionally, the Commission will replace, revise, or repeal its forms. If you wish to file a previously-approved form template after the Commission form has been replaced or revised, you must follow the approval guidelines to submit a new form template and receive a new UAI.
  1. If the Commission repeals the Commission form that corresponds to the form template, the Commission will no longer accept the form template.

Required Specifications for Form Templates


Do create a form template that is identical to the Commission form.

Do use the same font style and size as the Commission form.

Do use the same vertical and horizontal spacing of font as the Commission form.

Do use the same paper size and margins (the top margin must be no less than 0.5”) as the Commission form.

Do make sure to include all of the data fields from the Commission form on the alternate form.

Do use the same size data fields as the Commission form.

Do make all entries in the data fields 10, 11, or 12-point Arial font.

Do include the certification section on the reverse side of the alternate form.

Do include the unique-approval identifier (UAI).

Do include a blank version of the form template.

Do submit a sample of the form template filled in with the letter z and the number 9.


Don’t use color ink for any entries in the data fields.

Don’t use color paper for the form template.

Don’t use color ink to print the form template.

Don’t shade any portion of the form template even if shading appears on the Commission form.