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To ensure the safety of the public and Railroad Commission of Texas staff in response to COVID-19 pandemic, Central Records will be closed beginning at 2 p.m. on Friday, December 10, 2021 to be sanitized.
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Central Records will reopen on Monday, December 13.

Reuse of Waste Lubricating Oil During Salt Cavern Leaching

Problem: An underground natural gas storage operator was leaching a new salt cavern and required protection of the cavern roof during the process. At the same time, the operator recognized the costs associated with managing the waste lubricating oil from its operation (sent to a burnable fuels program).

Solution: The operator determined that their operation's waste lubricating oil exhibits no hazardous waste characteristics and is suitable for reuse in their operations. The waste lubricating oil is mixed with diesel to produce a mixture suitable for protection of salt cavern roofs during the leaching process. The diesel/lube oil mixture is returned to the surface at the end of the leaching process. The recovered mixture is then sold to a distillate fuels recycling facility.

Benefits: The management of the waste lube oil and the associated costs were eliminated, while the waste lube oil was reused in the leaching process. In addition, the recovered diesel/lubricating mixture is sold to the recycling facility for about $0.25 per gallon. The operator did not have to make a capital investment, but only incurred a minor vacuum trucking cost for mixing the diesel and lube oil. Therefore, this project was profitable for the operator.