Oil and Gas Lease Name Index


The following are the lease name indexes which list all oil leases and gas wells in Texas organized by district, then alphabetical by lease name with field name, operator name, and oil lease or Gas ID number. These indexes are updated on a monthly basis.

The Oil and Gas Lease Name Indexes are provided in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF format). PDF icon

The Lease Name Index Archives begins with the June 2013 Indexes. The indexes for prior months are available on microfiche in Central Records. Contact Central Records at ims@rrc.texas.gov or 512-463-6800.


February 2023 Lease Name Index
Gas Oil
District 1 District 1
District 2 District 2
District 3 District 3
District 4 District 4
District 5 District 5
District 6 District 6
District 7B District 6E
District 7C District 7B
District 8 District 7C
District 8A District 8
District 9 District 8A
District 10 District 9
  District 10


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