Annual Disposal/Injection Well Monitoring Report

(Form H-10) Online Filing


The 81st Texas Legislature enacted Senate Bill 1387 (Regular Session, 2009) relating to implementation of projects involving the capture, injection, sequestration, or geological storage of anthropogenic carbon dioxide. Senate Bill (SB) 1387 provides a more clearly defined statutory basis for regulation of geologic storage of anthropogenic carbon dioxide within the existing framework of the Texas Injection Well Act (Chapter 27, Texas Water Code). SB 1387 delegates to the Railroad Commission jurisdiction over the injection of anthropogenic carbon dioxide into a reservoir that is initially or may be productive and saline formations directly above and below the productive formations for the purpose of geological storage. SB 1387 also requires the Railroad Commission to adopt rules for geologic storage of carbon dioxide in a productive reservoir.

Implementation of SB 1387 will require the Commission to adopt new procedures and rules, including modification of Form H-10 Annual Disposal/Injection Well Monitoring Report. The Commission plans to modify Form H-10 to require injected fluids to be reported as a percentage of total liquid/gas injected during the cycle year. The percentage reported must be rounded off to whole numbers and all fluid injected must total to a combined 100%. The percentage of anthropogenic carbon dioxide will be a subset of the overall carbon dioxide volume. In addition, the Commission has changed the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) format. The Commission anticipates a transition to the new Form H-10 by October 2011. The Commission plans to provide the capability to review individual well reports (Form H-10) by due dates by operator.


The ability to file Form H-10 online began in September of 2007.  Form H-10 data reported from September of 2007 forward can be accessed through the RRC Online Research Queries.  Data for previous years can be accessed only through the RRC Mainframe Database in the Central Records Section located in Austin or the District Offices.

Filing Online

An operator must login to file current, delinquent and corrected Form H-10’s. To establish a login the operator must file the Security Administrator Designation (SAD) Form with the Commission. If you already have a designated Security Administrator, the Security Administrator must assign the appropriate filing rights to each user to enable them to access the Form H-10 filing system, (click here for instructions). If you have forgotten your User Id or Password, click here.

When to file

For injection wells for which the filing of an annual monitor report is required, the Commission will mail a listing to the operator of record prior to the due date. The Form H-10 must be completed and, received by, and accepted at the Austin office by the due date for the assigned cycle year. All corrected form filings received after October 2011 must be submitted using the new form format. You may electronically file a Form H-10 (Online or EDI). However, if you prefer to file on paper,the  pre-printed blank Form H-10 for your well can be found here. If you have not received notice to file a Form H-10 or if a pre-printed form is not available at the previously referenced RRC website link, please contact us at