How to Search Oil and Gas Hearings Files

The Oil and Gas Hearings files:

  • Include:
    • Docketed Hearings
    • New Field Discovery files
    • Rule 37 and 38 files
    • Administrative Penalty Cases
  • Consists of images of closed hearings files received by Central Records since July 2011.  Older hearings are being imaged as time permitsl.  Currently all hearings for Districts 1 and 2 are online and District 3 hearings are being added.
  • Include correspondence, examiners notes, and exhibits that may include geological and seismic data, well logs, reserve estimates, calculated depletion rates, plats, and maps.

PDF files of the hearings can be viewed online by clicking here.

There are 13 keyfield indices that can be used to search for a desired file. The keyfield indices are:

  • District
  • Field Name
  • Lease/Gas ID
  • Lease Name
  • Docket #
  • Applicant Name
  • County
  • Hearing Date (date range)
  • Subject
  • Notes
  • Docket Type
  • Application File Date (date range)
  • Final Order / Administratively Closed Date (date range)

If you know the docket number of the hearing you are interested in, that is the only value box you need to populate.  Generally, less information will provide a better search result. 

Wildcard Feature

To the right of each Value box there is information describing the requirements. Several Fields allow the use of the wildcard feature. Use the asterisk (*) when you are unsure of the spelling of a name or when you would like to see records for all formations of a field:

Docket Numbers

Docket numbers are numeric with the following exceptions:

Docket Number Search Value: Results Returned:
DISC ALLOW Discovery Allowable hearings (may be interchangeable with NFD)
NFD New Field Discovery hearings (may be interchangeable with DISC ALLOW)

Docket Type

Each docketed hearing is assigned a suffix code to categorize the file.  Please refer to the Docket Type Code Reference Table for the available codes.


Comments and questions about the Oil and Gas Hearings application should be sent to