Advisory and Directive Notices

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AG-RP-145 Overburden and Minesoil Samples - Preparation Procedure for Large and Small Volume Samples January 1, 1996  
AD-AD-072 Designation of Responsible Agencies for Road Closures and Relocation - Public Notice Requirements February 14, 1996  
AD-AD-071 Surface Mining Activities within 100 Feet of the Outside Right-Of-Way Line of a Public Road April 17, 1996  
IN-EN-3(149) Immediate Mining Area and Vehicular Pathways January 14, 2005  
EN-PS-154 Abandoned Public Roads; Permit Documentation and Performance Standards June 20, 1997  
EN-PS-341 Diversions of Miscellaneous Flows April 4, 2016 1
EN-PS-347 Impoundment Inspection Requirements July 1, 2011  
AG-PS 395(c) Initiation of the Extended Responsibility Period (ERP) July 24, 1998  
AD-BO-312 Application for Bond or Reclamation Liability - Contents and Processing Procedures April 16, 2010  
EN-PS-385(c) Small Depressions November 19, 2015 1
AG-PS-145(b)(5)(G) Soil Bank Accounting Procedure February 15, 2000  
AD-AD-207(d) Guidelines for Filing Permit Applications with County Clerk or Local Public Offices April 17, 2006  
EN-PS-344(b)(5) Release of Disturbed Areas from Surface-Water Control Requirements and Removal of Siltation Structures April 16, 2010  
EN-PS-347(a)(11) Inspection and Certification of Impoundments  July 29, 2011
ER-BA-127(b) Identification of Acid Forming Materials (AFM) in Premine Materials and Postmine Top Four Feet June 10, 2010  
AD-AD-107(b) Coal Mining Records Online Scanning Project April 4, 2016  
AD-BO-306(e) Actions of Third-Party Operators Which Are Beyond the Control of the Permittee [§12.306(e)] February 7, 2018 1

DIRECTIVE NOTICES SMRD Directives Compilation  
REVEG-SUCCESS Procedures and Standards for Determining Revegetation Success on Surface-Mined Lands in Texas August 1999
(Revised December 2014)
NORMAL-HUSBANDRY Normal Husbandry Practices for Surface-Mined Lands in Texas August 1999
(Revised June 14, 2006)