Christi Craddick's Press Room

News Items - 2022

  • Craddick Elected Chairman of Railroad Commission

    December 13, 2022

    AUSTIN – Commissioner Christi Craddick was unanimously elected Chairman of the Railroad Commission of Texas during today’s RRC open meeting.

    Following her election, Chairman Craddick thanked Commissioner Wayne Christian for his leadership as Chairman for the past year. “Chairman Christian has led this agency through serious rulemakings related to Winter Storm Uri, and I am proud of the work this agency has completed to keep gas flowing in this state.”

    As the upcoming legislative session is scheduled to begin in January, Chairman Craddick looks forward to representing the agency at the state Capitol. Her priorities include securing the agency’s budget for the next biennium, working with the legislature to prevent federal overreach in the state’s most economically important industry, and continuing to ensure the health and safety of all Texans through responsible regulation of our state’s natural resources.

  • Railroad Commissioners Applaud Major Oil Companies Cutting Ties with Russian Oil Companies, Encourage Others to do the Same

    March 01, 2022

    AUSTIN – In recent days, major oil and gas companies, such as British Petroleum and Shell, have announced their divestment of ownership in Russian oil and gas companies such as Rosneft.  RRC commissioners firmly support these actions and strongly encourage all Western oil and gas companies to similarly cut ties with any Russian oil and gas business. 

    “I’m heartbroken and disgusted by the ruthless and lawless actions of Vladimir Putin. Energy security is national security, and that’s clearer than ever,” said RRC Chairman Wayne Christian. “The United States, our European allies, and major oil and gas producers should immediately sever all ties with Russia – period. Western democracies shouldn’t fuel Putin’s unjust war against a peaceful and democratic nation. Instead, oil and gas should be purchased from reliable and trusted allies or produced here at home. I call on President Biden to end his illogical stance on oil and gas and unleash American producers in defense of Ukraine and democracy.” 

    “Putin’s war against Ukraine is despicable and should serve as a wake up call to the world,” said Commissioner Christi Craddick. “I support the actions of BP and Shell and encourage other international energy providers to divest from Russian companies and markets. Texas producers are ready, willing, and able to supply oil and gas on a global scale, and I encourage President Biden to support Ukraine by releasing the chokehold on American energy production.”

    “The Russian war against Ukraine is a forceful reminder of the importance of American-made energy and that domestic energy policy is crucially intertwined with U.S. foreign policy,” said Commissioner Jim Wright. “The exploration and production of oil and gas does not occur overnight, which is why it is essential to have consistent, predictable, energy policies that encourage and promote development. Maintaining our domestic production is not only vital to America’s national security interest, but those of our allies around the globe. Having long recognized the importance of oil and gas to our state, our nation, and our allies, Texas stands ready to do its part.”