CNG License Categories

Any organization that performs any of the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) activities described below in Texas is required to be a licensee of the Railroad Commission.

CNG License Categories and Authorized Activities

Category 1.  Manufacturer of CNG cylinders.  License authorizes the manufacture, assembly, repair, testing, sale, installation or subframing of CNG cylinders. 

Category 2.  General installers and repairmen.  Authorizes the sale, installation, service, or repair of CNG systems, including cylinders. 

Category 3.  Retail and wholesale dealer.  Authorizes the sale, storage, transportation for delivery, or dispensing of CNG for use other than by an ultimate consumer, and the sale, installation, service, or repair of CNG systems as set out in Categories 2, 5, and 6. 

Category 4.  Testing laboratory.  Authorizes the testing of CNG cylinders.

Category 5.  Service station or cylinder exchanger.  Authorizes the operation of a CNG service station, including filling CNG cylinders, or the operation of a cylinder exchange dealership, including filling CNG cylinders, the sale of CNG in cylinders, the sale of CNG cylinders and the replacement of cylinder valves. 

Category 6.  Equipment dealer.  Authorizes the sale of CNG cylinders or systems.