RRC Access Management Process


The RRC Access Management Process (RAMP) is the method for managing online filing accounts with recently implemented RRC applications. A RAMP account allows you to have a single set of sign-in credentials for multiple RRC applications. For more information about RAMP, see the RAMP information page.

RRC applications using RAMP accounts are:  CASES, PIPES, CIIS (WE PREP), and LoneSTAR

NOTE: At this time, RRC Online does not use RAMP accountsIf you need to be an Security Administrator in both RAMP and RRC Online, this short guide can help. For a list of companies available in the RAMP Identity Manager, see the RAMP information page.

For further assistance, or if you have any questions, contact the RRC at RRCOnline-Security@rrc.texas.gov.