Proposed Form Amendments

This page lists proposed changes to Railroad Commission of Texas forms that are currently under consideration. 
For each revision, the information below will provide:

  1. a link to the current version of the form;
  2. a link to the proposed form as amended;
  3. a synopsis of the proposed changes; and
  4. the status of the proposed amendment:
    1. Considered – a proposed amendment under consideration by staff but not yet brought forward for consideration by the Commission;
    2. Proposed – a proposed amendment that has been presented to the Commission for consideration; or
    3. Adopted – a proposed amendment that has been approved by the Commission for adoption.



Form Number(s)
Form Title
Form CI-X and Attachment (.xlsx)
Form CI-D and Attachment (.xlsx)

Summary of Changes

During the Commission's open meeting on September 28, 2021, the Critical Infrastructure Division received approval to post proposed new Form CI-D, Form CI-X, and proposed new table CCI on the Commission's website for a 30-day comment period.  The proposed new forms are related to proposed new 16 TAC §3.65 approved at the Commission's September 14, 2021, open meeting, and are part of the Commission's implementation of Senate Bill 3 and House Bill 3648 passed during the 87th Legislature (Regular Session) and establish a process for designating certain natural gas entities as critical during an energy emergency.
T-Bar memo
Presentation from the 10/5/2021 Rulemaking workshop

Comment Deadline
November 1st 2021
Please see the Comments Received page for §§3.65 and 3.107 for comments on both the rules and the forms
Adopted November 30, 2021
Available on the CI Forms Page

None currently proposed

None currently proposed

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